HR Organisation 2025 – Blog post part 1: Adaptations to the future of work

source: Leornardo AI

In the ever-evolving business and industry landscape, human resources (HR) has become a critical factor in the success of the organization. As we approach 2025, the question arises, how should HR practices evolve to meet the changing demands of the workplace. From technological advances to changing ...

Top Lawyer Award


Recently my law firm was awarded as Top Lawyer by in cooperation with Handelsblatt and WirtschaftsWoche., the expert portal, awards two lawyers in Düsseldorf per year and I am very pleased that this year the choice fell on us as a still quite young law firm in the field ...

8 tips for a successful job reference


Recently, a client asked me to legally review her employment reference. She had left her employer because of an attractive job offer. Even at first glance, I noticed considerable deficiencies. Individual evaluation sections were missing and the individual evaluations as well as the overall grade did...

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